Prof.LPA Oskar Seber"Spherical Magic" SPHÄRENZAUBER

is the name of one of Elisabeth Rubik's paintings. And it is magic that her crystalline or spherical  luminous galaxies emanate.

Crafted with solid, masterly artistry, the painting materials, mixed from exquisite and precious colors, are made mostly by the painter herself. The compositional elements reflect European tradition. The subject of the painting is communicated primarily through abstractional traces of movement, spatial structures, hues and contrasts of light and dark and casts its spell on the viewer, who thus participates in the creative act as an evaluator and interpreter of the painting.

Elisabeth Rubik has captured light and space in a way that only pilots and astronauts experience.

It may well be that her frequent visits to Scandinavia inspired this use of light in her work. In large sweeping movements, beams of light create and race through space as bundles of energy, as mind converted to matter.
Contrary to the analytical, destructive, decomposing and inhuman tendencies of modernistic art, she creates a world of clarity, strength, harmony, eternity and diversity.

Her work opens up prospects, creates refuge: it is deeply human - even religious. The contrast and harmony of the colors are reminiscent of the overwhelming color language of  Matthias Grünewald's paintings. In some paintings  the surface shows great detail due to the decalcomania technique that Elisabeth Rubik uses.

The result is earthy, material, tangible and creates the impression of  the transitory, of times long gone. In her most recent, large paintings Elisabeth Rubik incorporates her colorful visions of the world into grisaille-type computer variations on her pictorial themes, which she assembles in exciting new ways, creating a very harmonious result and an exceedingly promising way to open up new vistas, from which we may expect some highly interesting paintings of deep spirituality.

Prof. LPA MMag. art. Dr. phil. Oskar Seber